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Dodge Charger SE отзывы автовладельцев.

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Dodge Charger SE 3.6 AТ (2014 г.в.)
Тип кузова: Седан    Коробка передач: AТ
Объем двигателя: 3.6 л.    Тип двигателя: Бензин
Привод: 1    Пробег, тыс. км: 5800 miles

Good full size sedan. Classic American look.
I preferred SE since I do not like “gipsy” or ghetto “shick” of mirrored rims and leather steering wheel (becomes junk looking in a year) or useless “suit case handle” (mistakably called spoiler) on the trunk. The car looks great and roomy inside for a front passenger and a driver. For rear passengers I do not care, I do not drive them, but I need 4 doors for my convenience. Car is fast, agile, very good steering, feels solid. Simple and adequate design inside. Very distinguished look outside, since all the new cars look like soap dishes. By the way, that is why I did not wait for 2015 model year – it has more “soupy” front, but still looks great. Easy maitenance.
Also I choose 5 gear Mers tranny, sinse ZF tranny had inconvinient for me selector - I prefer classic.

Previous Mercedes platform combination. Front suspension from S-class, rear – E-class. Adequate motor like 300 hp, possible Hemi 8cyl (2 aspirations, like 400 hp). Good body fit. Comfortable cabin. Good price – before TAXes 23100 (tax7% in my State). Choice of motors and trannies (5 gears Mers tranny or 8 gears ZF). Good fuel economy – average real economy 21.5 miles per gallon now.

Not much. The rear view is a bit of limited. But you can get rear camera. I do not need it at all since I live not in a City and have parking everywhere. The only problem which bugs me is thump like noise from front driver suspension happened to be heard from 2500 miles. I address the problem to the dealership, but it check the suspension and found it works per specs. But still I hear the knock sometimes on sharp cracks. Will visit a dealer later. Good knock will show itself!

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